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Get Involved

How to Participate

All individuals and representatives of organizations are welcome to attend and participate in TST meetings. Agendas are developed in advance and all participants are welcome to add agenda items. Notes are taken at meetings and circulated to an opt-in email list. We expect that representatives of organizations take on the responsibility of sharing notes with relevant members of their organizations.


Decision-making occurs following discussion at meetings, as well as through email exchanges from those not able to attend meeting. Advocacy is not a mandatory expectation of participation and every participant is given the opportunity to opt-in or out of each particular activity or advocacy effort.  We recognize that, though we aim to work together, due to our varying missions and procedures for decision-making, not every organization can support every decision taken by the TST.


Meetings are held bi-weekly on Wednesdays from 9:00-10:00 AM on Zoom or location TBD. Please email group facilitator, Debbie Schimberg (, for meeting dates, as the bi-weekly schedule is periodically altered to account for public holidays. All are welcome to attend.

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