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Our Organization

Who We Are

The Trinity Square Together (TST) coalition is made up of residents and representatives from organizations, businesses, local government, law enforcement and places of worship that are located in, or provide services to, people in the Trinity Square area of Providence.

Our Mission

Trinity Square Together’s mission is to facilitate communication and resource-sharing, leverage organizational resources to work on projects that improve the quality of life in the area, and, when appropriate, advocate for changes that can help make the area safer, more attractive and functional for all. TST has focused on three areas of involvement: positive event planning, streetscape improvements, and social services collaboration.


TST sees itself as a means for collaboration and support for the varied and diverse interests represented by this historic cultural gateway to the Southside, Elmwood and the West End of Providence.  TST does not seek to displace, substitute, or duplicate the work of any other stakeholders or residents.

Our Location

TST defines the bounds of Trinity Square as the area that falls between John J. Partington Way and Public Street North to South, and Westminster Street and Prairie Avenue, East to West.

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